sobota, 6 marca 2010

Fredrik Klingwall - Epitome Of The False Dichotomy (2009)

Take a dive into the dark world of Fredrik Klingwall with the new release called EPITOME OF THE FALSE DICHOTOMY.

This time Fredrik delves deeper and darker into our mindset of the transition between life and death. Hypnotic dark ambiences blends with classical and industrial influences to create a cinematic experience which craves your attention!

Epitome of the False Dichotomy is available as a free digital download from or

Fredrik is also member of Loch Vostok, Machinery and Anima Morte.

Listen - Posłuchaj:

Format: EP
Year: 2009
Label: Uninvited Asylum
Country: Sweden
Genre: Industrial / Gothic / Experimental
Official Website
01. 4:18 at the Morgue
02. Transition or Separation
03. Unreleased
04. The Cleansing Moment of Clarity

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